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What, exactly do you mean by “groundwork?”

K3 Construction specializes in groundwork. That means we take care of everything that happens on the ground, or below ground, before a building goes up or a road goes in… utilities, excavation, gravel and paving. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Where are you located, and what geographic region do you serve?

K3 Construction is based in Madras, Oregon and we serve an expansive area of Central Oregon, including some remote locations that no one else serves. We’ve done groundwork and paving projects in Madras, Redmond, Burns, Condon, Lakeview, Bend, Sunriver, Sisters, Warm Springs, Prineville, Fossil and beyond.

Who are some of the companies that you’ve done subcontracting work for?

Kirby Nagelhout, Anderson Construction, The City of Sisters, The City of Madras, Skanska and Sunwest Builders, just to name a few.

What type of clients do you usually work with?

Our clients fall into one of these four categories:

General Contractors
GCs always need reliable, hard-working subs in Central Oregon. As a subcontractor K3 fits best with Generals who need site prep work on smaller commercial projects or modest residential developments. We’ll listen intently, stick to the plan, and deliver on budget.

Project Managers
K3 can be a great resource for project managers who need help with site planning, scheduling and execution. We leave no stone unturned to get your project started right and completed on time. Every time.

Builder Developers
Small real estate development projects are often led by one guy who’s trying do it all himself. We study the site carefully and consult on a detailed plan and schedule. Then we communicate exactly what’s going to happen, step by step, so there are no surprises. It’s who, what when and where, exactly.

Rural Property Owners
There are many substantial estates, farms and multi-building homesteads that are off the beaten path throughout Central Oregon. They often have long driveways that need paving, as well as pads for outbuildings and extra parking.

Where do you guys get the gravel you need for your projects?

We own Rock-n-Road Quarry in Madras so we have an inside track on all the rock we could ever need.

What does it mean when your guarantee says you’ll “get it right the first time?”

Groundwork is step #1 on any big project. If the utilities, excavation and site prep are not done correctly the timeline for the entire project goes out the window.

That’s why we guarantee that we’ll get it done on time and on budget. No call backs or do-overs.

When it comes to paving jobs we do meticulous prepwork to get the routing just right. And we make sure the gravel base is perfectly compacted, because the asphalt is only as good as the base it's laid on. So you'll be 100% satisfied, the first time.

How thick does asphalt need to be?

Two inches thick is standard for a driveway with only car traffic. When we’re doing streets and commercial parking lots three to four inches thick is standard.

Do you have any references that I could call?

Absolutely. We can include a complete list of happy customers. Use our form to ask for a list here.

k3 truck dumping dirt
Sisters Oregon Street Project

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