Commercial Groundwork Projects

Jefferson County Health & Wellness Building

Skanska USA hired us for this project because of our local, Madras connections. This project was surrounded by St. Charles Hospital, residential homes, and retirement/assisted living facilities so there were a lot of pedestrians and onlookers that we had to work around every day. With Skanska’s help we didn’t have any issues or complaints. Just old folks sitting on their porches, full of smiles and waves. We did everything groundwork, and then some. To level the site we trucked 10,000 yards of dirt off the site. We installed all the underground utilities, prepped for the new building foundation, built parking lots and paved them. We took care of all the site concrete as well.

Madras Airport Heliport

We moved 5000 cu yds of dirt and built a gravel pad for firefighting helicopters to land on during fire season. This was a short notice project from the City of Madras. came to us asking for help to complete in an aggressive timeframe. We were able to start on the project 3 days after being awarded the bid, and finished less than 3 weeks later.

Madras Mid Oregon Credit Union

We worked as a subcontractor for Sunwest Builders to excavate for a new parking lot and an addition to an existing building. We finished the project by paving the the new parking lot.

Burns Dollar General

Stout Building contractors of Utah hired us to do excavation and site prep on this small retail store. Our flexibility allowed them speed up the project by three months. We used Geogrid fabric to stabilize the native soil and improve earthquake safety. We also handled the paving.

Condon Grade School

On this project we worked as a subcontractor for Kirby-Nagelhout Construction. The new building is built on a hill of solid rock, so we had to break out about 3000 yards of rock to level the site. K3 did everything groundwork on this project. Earthmoving, utilities, building foundation prep, parking lot grading, and finally paving the new street and parking lots servicing both the new grade school and the existing high school.

Dayville Community Hall

Another project for Kirby-Nagelhout Construction. They are renovating the original community hall that was built in 1920 to be used as a gathering and meeting place for the people of Dayville. Again, we did all the underground work. Earthmoving, utilities, new addition foundation prep, parking lot grading and a boulder retaining wall!

Boro Subdivision

We are working for the property owner/ developer on this project in Madras. In order to level the site and build streets for 59 new mobile home sites, we had to move about 20,000 yards of dirt onsite. We installed all the underground utilities and built streets. Then we laid all the asphalt on the brand new streets.

Stone Ridge Subdivision Prineville

When this 54 lot subdivision stalled and changed hands we were called in to grade and pave the streets and build the curbs and sidewalks. GPS technology helped speed up the process and kept everything accurate within hundredths of an inch.

Invenergy Solar Array

Another project for Kirby-Nagelhout Construction. The built a new maintenance/administrative building for an Invenergy Solar Array. We built a gravel pad for the site, installed all the utilities. Building foundation prep, and paved the parking lot.

Teeny Subdivision

We graded the streets, and paved them for another contractor who did the rest of the work on this subdivision in Metolius.

Pacific Power warehouse in Madras

As an excavating subcontractor for Kirby Nagelhout we handled all underground infrastructure for a 100 x 150 steel building… Completed 3 drywells, a street crossing for power and communications, the building pad, foundation and sidewalk prep.

Sewer main for the City of Madras

Built a simple sewer extension on Bean Way in just 8 days. 15 feet deep with two manholes.

Flauner Wines

Blue Spruce builders hired us to finish up utilities, parking lot earthwork, gravel and paving after a demolition project. It was a great fit for us.

Hood Avenue water line for the City of Sisters

Replaced a rusted old, one-inch water line with 8 inch line to serve the businesses along main street in Sisters. We were working in tight quarters in a very public location with a lot of old utilities and unknown obstacles. In three weeks we completed 800 feet of waterline — right on schedule.

Juniper Hills Park for Jefferson County

Major improvements for this nice little park in Madras. We built two pavilions and a restroom facility with a septic system. We also paved the main entrance to the park and built walking trails throughout the property.

NW Green Panels manufacturing facility

Entire site development for this company in Crooked River Ranch. Earth work. Excavation. Rock removal. Building pad. Storm drainage swales. Gravel.

Pratum Co-op demolition

Tore down a 100 x 200 ft wooden warehouse building in the Madras industrial park. The client Scheduled 3 weeks but we completed the job in 8 days. Fast and intensely satisfying.

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